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  1. Groom Beard Oil

    Nourishes the beard and hydrates the skin underneath. A delicately chosen blend of vegetable oils that will soften the beard, leaving a bright and fresh sensation. Its moisturizing action will help prevent dandruff and relieve itchiness caused by dry skin. Original Fragrance: aromas of pine and cedar wood, bergamot and a touch of lavender.

  2. Groom Beard Wash Original

    Groom’s beard wash is a liquid shampoo that has been created especially for a regular use. Its formula combines conditioning properties with a cooling effect for gentle cleansing. Its ingredients have been carefully selected for optimal results in order to offer you the very best of men’s care.
  3. Groom Moustache Wax

    Our unique and long-refined formula provides the much sought-after qualities of a premium-grade moustache wax: pliability, ease of application and exceptional hold. Also contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Light scent of pine and beeswax.
  4. Groom Shaving Oil Original

    For extra comfort during shaving, our blend of vegetable oils will provide added protection against shaving-induced irritation, dryness, cuts and ingrown hair while nourishing your skin. It is also useful to help shaving small area with precision, such as cleaning the beard line on the cheeks and neck. Light fragrance of pine, sage and vetiver.
  5. Groom Shaving soap

    Made from shea and cocoa butter, our soap is inspired from the Italian tradition of soft shaving soaps. It picks up easily on the shaving brush and will build into a rich, dense and long-lasting lather. It will nourish the skin while providing a perfect shave. Fragrance of pine, sage and vetiver.
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5 Item(s)

Kick your morning routine into high gear with Underwear Paradise's exclusive line of haircare products from Les Industries Groom. Les Industries Groom is a high-quality, professional line of hair and facial products for men. Their line includes shaving soap, shaving oil, beard oil, beard wash, moustache wax, and hair pomade. Each product features a masculine scent like tobacco or pine, and comes in a sleek and stylish container that is easily transportable. In addition to individual hygiene products, you can buy the ultimate beard care kit that comes with two different beard oils, beard wash, and beard balm. Plus, this top-notch line of products is the perfect accompaniment to a pair of underwear. Give it as a gift or just splurge on yourself, either way a new pair of undies combined with an oil, wash, or pomade is the perfect way to start your day.