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Underwear Paradise's line of men's athletic underwear is suitable for all serious athletic endeavours. Whether you're going on a 10K jog or playing basketball with your friends at the community centre, our microfibre underwear will absorb your sweat leaving you feeling cool and dry throughout the entirety of your workout. The moisture-working properties of the luxuriously soft fabric are breathable and supportive, ensuring you'll leave the court with dry undies. In addition to the features of the material itself, Underwear Paradise carries only the most stylish athletic underwear. Our athletic line includes specialty items like long johns and 9 inch boxers, both of which are suitable for all types of sports, from skiing to cycling. All styles feature plush wasitbands and a supportive front pouch, and are available in an array of masculine colours from simple black or red, to trendy pixels and camo. Moisture-wicking, long lasting, and sleek, Underwear Paradise's athletic line does not disappoint.